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Deal flow (shop and individual)



registers an official ticket

Search for tickets

Check seats and price, and buy

Show the clerk your bought ticket

Input numbers to invalidate the ticket

Deal is done after 
providing the fast access

Deal flow (individuals)



Issue a ticket while in a queue

Search tickets

Send message to tickets

Reply and tell where you are

meet the seller

Show QR code to the buyer

Read QR code to pay

Exchange places and

deal is done after evaluation

*If you are exchanging an item, be careful for copies or imitations.
*You cannot use this service for exchanges forbidden by local policies or laws.

How to issue a ticket

Ticket name

Write what the queue is for (ex: X's hamburger Tokyo branch). This name should be easy to understand for other users.

Time spent in line

Enter the elapsed time from the start of the queuing. Enter 0 when you create a ticket immediately after the queuing.

Expiration time

​Enter the time to sell the ticket. If you enter 60, the ticket will expire 1 hour after the ticket is created.

Increase rate per minute

Enter the amount of money which increases every minute. For example, if it is 20 [¥/min], the price will be increased by 1200 yen after one hour.

For example, if the "Time spent in line" is 10 minutes and the "Increase rate per minute" is 20 [¥/min] and 30 minutes have passed since the ticket was created,

Price = ( 10 + 30 )× 20

Therefore the price is 800 yen. The price will be updated every second after registration.

Number of people

Input number of positions available for exchanging in the queue. If you are an individual, you must enter 1 person. If you are with a group, enter the number of persons accordingly.

Upload image

Upload an image to your ticket. Pick an image which is related to your queue. *If you take a picture, please be careful not to include other people's faces.


Enter information that will help buyers find you, such as your outfit or belongings.

Show QR code to sell

You can generate your ticket's QR code by pushing this button (This button will appear after registration.) Keep in mind the price updating stops while showing QR code.

How to buy official tickets

Select the number of seats you need, and push the 'purchase' button. In the following pop up, confirm all the information is correct and press 'OK'.


Show the purchase confirmation screen to a clerk. The screen will go to the code input screen by tapping the ticket.


The clerk will give you a 4-digit code to input in the app or s/he will input it by her/himself and invalidate the ticket.


After this, the clerk will show you your table.

How to buy individual tickets

Compare the waiting time and the prices in the tickets, and get GPS info or send a message or ask to the seller, if you are interested in the deal. 
When you press the 'purchase' button, the QR code reader will be activated and you will be able to read the seller's QR code, pay and exchange the queuing place. 

Identity verification

Submitting documents for identity verification, enables all functions in the app and the following features:

・Deposit to your bank account
・Ticket purchase with points

​・Creating an official ticket

Documents for identity verification are following:

Driver's licence/Driving career certificate/My number card/Health insurance card/Certificate of residence (Juminhyo)/Seal registration certificate/Juki net card/Residence card/Special permanent resident certificate 

*Following documents must be withing 3 months after issuing.

Certificate of residence(Juminhyo), Seal registration certificate

Commission & Transfer

The commission and bank transfer fee are listed below. You will get points of selling price minus each commission.

・20% of the selling price for a personal ticket (cut digits after the decimal point)
・30% of the selling price for an official ticket (cut digits after the decimal point)
・¥250 for each transfer to your bank account.

If the total acquired points are equal to or higher than the automatic transfer amount at the end of the month, the transfer fee will be charged from current points and the remaining points will be transferred to the registered bank account at the end of the following month.

If the points are less than the automatic transfer amount, it will be carried over to the next month's transfer. ​You can set the automatic transfer amount at the transfer settings of the application.

​Example of transfer (the number in the box is the number of monthly acquired points)

begin of month

end of month

1st month

2nd month

3rd month

4th month





Transfer: ¥14750

Carry over

Transfer: ¥9750

Automatic transfer amount: 10000

begin of month

end of month





Transfer: ¥14750

Transfer: ¥4750

Transfer: ¥4750

Automatic transfer amount: 1000

Rules and manners

Following behaviours are forbidden. We will impose restrictions on some functions, or delete the accounts of users who have violated any of the following. 
If you have witnessed or experienced any of these actions, please let us know.


〇Occupy seats only to sell

It is forbidden to occupy seats in restaurants, public transportation, etc., just for the purpose of selling tickets and without any legitimate reason to use the facility.


〇Stalking and recruiting

Don't stalk users you have met through this service.
Don't recruit new members for other services, business, religion or political acts.


〇Delaying people queuing after you

The number of sellers must be equal or larger than number of buyers. It is also forbidden to allow someone else into the queue aftter exchanging.


〇Do not cause any trouble

Talk online and just exchange places after you met dealer to avoid troubles. If something is not clear, always ask beforehand through the messaging feature in the application, to avoid any misunderstanding.

〇Do not register copies or imitations

Keep in mind some paper tickets are easy to copy or imitate. We do not take any responsibility or liability for any loss for buying fake items.

〇Do not transfer money in person

The buyer's payment is automatically transferred to the seller, after the transaction is confirmed and finished. Exchanging cash in public places may bother the people around you and cause trouble. 

〇Do not violate copyright, portrait right or intellectural property rights.

Do not upload company's trademarks or signs without permission. Carefully select your ticket's picture or image.

〇Do not exchange items unrelated to queue or place

Do not exchange user's property or belongings. Even you would find any defects we can't return or refund. 

Refer to our terms of service for other forbidden acts (available in Japanese).

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