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* Only those who have registered an official ticket can log in.

* If you have forgotten your password, please reissue it through the app.


Offer an option for the queue


What is fasta?

fasta is an app which enables users to easily issue or buy fast access tickets
This system can benefit both customers, who want to visit popular shops but do not have the time, and business owners, who want to increase their profits



Sell your shop's

ticket in the app



Customers buy the

ticket in the app



Give priority to purchasers

If your shop has a long queue, offer a fasta ticket so your customers can consider getting a faster access

​■ How to make a reservation

You can use our reservation system by registering the date, time frame, the number of people / tables, etc.
Customers can make reservations simply by downloading the app without having to register as a member or enter a name, phone number, etc.
On the day, you can confirm the identity of the reservation just by checking the customer's reservation acquisition screen.


Personal info

Monthly fee

How to give a fast access

The only thing the clerk needs to do is to invalidate the ticket. It's just entering 4 digits to invalidate, it's possible that you tell the number verbally and have the customer operate it. For the actual app screen at the time of purchase, see Guide > How to purchase tickets (official ticket)


flyer drawing 1 v5.png

Place the ad poster in the queuing area


flyer drawing 2 v6.png

Customers buy the priority ticket in the app


flyer drawing 3 v2.png

Buyers show the ticket

to the clerk

Guide buyers to their seats
after invalidating the ticket


flyer drawing 4 v2.png

Benefits of implementation

You can create a line that is friendly to neighbors and various customers
dotted line.png
Neighbor friendly

The number of people lined up in front of the shop will decrease, which cause less troubles with your neighbors.

Reach various customer

fasta makes it easier to use your service for customers who are difficult to queue.

benefits 4.png
Free ad

It shows your restaurant's
priority ticket to people nearby
your business. You can also 
notify people your campaign.

Automatically price adjusting & Order display

The more people who buy your ticket, the more it will automatically raise the price and discourage further purchases. The price will automatically return to the original price by invalidating bought tickets
5 people queue.png
Price up

bought & waiting

2 people queue.png
Price down

bought & waiting

The initial selling price and the rate of price increase can be determined for each shop and can be changed at any time
In addition, since the order is written on the purchased ticket, even if multiple people purchase it, they can be guided in order.
Current order
Current order
The order will be updated by invalidating the ticket, thus you just need to show the person with the lowest number to the table.

Zero cost of implementation

There is no fee for implementation or maintenances, therefore you are free to test fasta in your business for a short time
Initial fee
Monthly fee
Cancellation fee

Commission and deposit in bank account

As a business owner, you will get 70% of the net profit through this app, and we will ask 30% of the net profit for business tickets as a commission fee.
The earnings you make by using fasta will be deposited in your registered bank account as follows:
Closing date: end of month
Deposit date: end of month
Every transfer has a fee of ¥250.
​If the last day of the following month is a holiday, payment will be made on the next business day

Reliable security measures

Your personal information is managed securely to minimize the chance to be abused
payment - credit card.png
payment - shield.png
PCI DSS 3.2 compliant
payment - shield.png
Account protection
payment - cellphone.png
Encrypted communication

How to implement fasta

We recommend business owners to apply for business ticket which has no expiry. Application of business ticket is inside the app
fasta_icon02 rounded borders wb.png
①Download fasta-biz
webpage drawing 9 v2.png
②Fill out the form
③Print POPs
flyer drawing 1 v5.png
④Place POPs

Register for free

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