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Application form guide

Log in, and go to Settings > Official Ticket from the home screen. Please input the information accurately in the form. If you want to continue filling your application later, press the 'save' button at the bottom of the screen. 

You can modify the following settings also after approval:


The number of people and the corresponding price. Input the combination of people and price. If you have different sets of seats in a table, you can make multiple people-price combination. For example 1 for ¥100, 2 for ¥150, 3 for 250, 4 for ¥250. (3 and 4 are same price because they use a 4 seat table anyway)

Validity period

Select the ticket's validity period. If it's your first time to create the official ticket, the recommended setting is "Until today". Please select the most suitable option depending on your shop's table turnover rate. By shortening the period, people will refrain from buying your tickets when the business is less busy. Thus, you can prevent ticket prices from unnecessary rising.

Increase rate

For business tickets, we increase the price of the ticket depending on the number of unused tickets to discourage people to buy more tickets. You can select your ticket's price increase rate in this section. The default setting is 'normal'. Set the increase rate high when too many people buy your ticket, and low when you want to sell more tickets.

Ticket price




Number of unused tickets

Register image

Register an image on your ticket. Upload an image related to your business.


You can write about campaigns, recommendation menu, introduction of your shop, etc.

Invalidation number

Create a 4-digit number to invalidate the tickets; this is to prevent customers from using the same ticket multiple times. After the buyer has shown the ticket to your clerk, the clerk will instruct the buyer to input the 4-digit number on their smartphone, to invalidate the ticket. 

See Guide > How to buy official tickets to know how customers use your ticket.

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