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Convenience on queues with fasta

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■Let's exchange the waiting time!

Waiting goes hand in hand with stress.

Unexpectedly long lines in the supermarket, ATMs that are taking forever, popular restaurants ...

However, the degree of stress varies depending on the surrounding environment and psychological state.

The value of the waiting time varies from person to person, even when they are in the same queue and have similar waiting times, because of time allowance, fatigue, hunger, weather, or expectation for the service.


When you have time


When you're too busy to wait

If we can exchange time between people who can afford it and those who do not, it would be possible to realize a more convenient and less stressful society. Based on this thought/conception/principle This is how the app "fasta" was born.



Exchange the waiting time for a reward

■How to exchange


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Start selling when you line up


Wait until message reception

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Where r u?

5th from the top

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Have a conversation and meet in person

Swap places after paying with your smartphone

Search tickets when you see a queue

Send message to the seller you are interested in

Once swapped, the seller must be out of line. It is possible to exchange with multiple people, but swapping is prohibited if the number of purchasers is larger than the number of sellers.

Automatic price increment

The longer you wait, the more valuable the place will be. In this app, the price will automatically increase in proportion to the waiting time.

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Prices are updated every second, but the time and price displayed may vary depending on your device.

■Look for people to line up for you with requests

If you register a request by specifying the time and place, the request will be transmitted to users around the destination


Register where and when you want to go

Users around the destination can view your request

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What time?

Arrive around 10

Contact you by message for details

■Skip the queues with priority tickets issued by stores

If the store issues priority tickets, you can enter the store immediately by purchasing the ticket.

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The official mark indicates it is issued by the shop

Burger Tokyo 2.png

Choose the number of seats you need and buy

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You can get your seat soon by showing the ticket to the clerk

■Simplify reservations

All you have to enter is the number of seats, date and time for booking.

No need to register as a member or enter personal information, and of course no cost to make a reservation.


​personal info

Monthly fee

Purchase with a credit card

You can use 5 major brands
Credit card information and account information are managed by PAY Co., Ltd., which complies with international security standards (PCI DSS), and we do not retain them.

Earn points for cashing

Easily cash your points by registering identification.



1 point = 1 yen will be transferred to your registered account. A transfer fee of 250 yen will be charged for each transfer. If the total points are more than the automatic transfer amount at the end of the month, the full amount will be transferred at the end of the following month. You can set the automatic transfer amount freely from 1000 yen.

Download fasta and check tickets


* Please use this service under anti-nuisance ordinance issued by each prefecture.

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